For me it is all about Simple living. I believe simple living is the key to a happy life while at the same time saving the environment. I truly believe less is more. Owning less will set you free.
Vanlife is a good example of how living with less will make you experience more. The van is small enough to let you move freely wherever you may want to go and yet big enough to carry more than you'll ever need.
By enforcing restrictions it will teach you valuable lessons in simple living. Living in a van will teach you how to reduce your environmental footprint by conserving resources you normally take for granted. Electricity and fresh water are no longer of infinite supply. Less space means less stuff, stuff I can guarantee you that you won't miss.
Living in a van is cheaper than living in an apartment, you will have to work less and thus have more time to explore.
Less stuff, more time, more freedom, more life.